July 10, 2011

Market Day! (Or How to get a tonne of food for 35$)

If you're coming to Montreal, and going to be staying for a few days and don't want to have to eat out all the time (because we know that gets expensive!) I recommend trying out the Jean Talon Market for a variety of delicious and joy-inducing fresh vegetables.

My love affair with Farmers markets has been long standing (the town where I grew up has two of them, but they mostly sell prepared foods, not really vegetables) and the Jean Talon market delivers this magical joy of getting tonnes of food for less than you'd pay in a store, with the added bonus of knowing that the money goes pretty much directly to the farmers!

It's fabulous!

So prepare yourself for the fabulosity!

Matthew and I waited for the bus! We have to take a bus to the metro, the metro to Jean Talon Metro, and then walk a few blocks to the market!
Fresh Quebequois Asperagus! (We didn't get any, but I was tempted!)
I love how yellow these are! Mangos and Bananas are so yummy! But were not on my list so we passed them by! Next time!
Tomato Plants!
Grapefruits, Limes, and oranges! We got some grapefruits for Matthew's breakfast! (I can't take the sourness myself, but he loves em!)
Everyone was selling strawberries and raspberries! We got a little box of em.
Here was our haul! What did we get for our 35$?
Well, on this side you can see our strawberries, a 2L bottle of apple cider, a chili pepper plant, some bell peppers, and mushrooms!
On this side you can see onions, multicolored carrots tomatoes, and grapefruits

Essentially a weeks worth of delicious fresh vegetables! You'll be seeing these in recipes this week, mark my words!


  1. i love farmers markets!!1 i wish there were more of them in nj! i used to visit them twice a week when i lived in ann arbor :D.

  2. Farmers markets are pretty great, right? Sad that there aren't many near you!