September 23, 2012

Happy to Be Back Sushi

So I've been gone. Again.

I broke my computer. Again.

But Now I'm back! And I made some sushi!

Super Unhealthy Sushi

Sushi Rice, prepared
Eggplant, cut into sticks
Tofu, cut into sticks
Carrots, grated into matchsticks (I have a julienne grater)
Scallions, bottom cut off
Sesame Seeds
Rice Chex
GF flour mixed with soy milk to form a pancake like batter
Oil, for Deep Frying
Sriracha sauce

Heat the oil on the stove.
Take your Rice Chex, and crush to form tempura like flakes with a rolling pin.
Coat the tofu and eggplant in your Flour and milk mixture, and then quickly toss with the rice chex flakes.
Deep fry the tofu and eggplant until golden and crunchy.
Spread the rice onto the sushi, and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Top with a scallion, carrot strips, and some tofu and eggplant.
Roll the roll and slice into pieces.
Mix together some vegannaise and sriracha sauce to form a spicy mayo dip.

September 10, 2012

Simple Hasselback Potato

I have been busy with the start of the new semester as well as working 2 jobs in the evenings, so cooking as sort of gone out the window in favor of super simple things that I can throw together in the blink of an eye.

And thus, the Hasselback Potato... simple, and fairly hands off.

Simple Garlic Hasselback Potato

Olive Oil
Salt, Pepper, Garlic granules (the coarse garlic stuff, not the super fine powder!)

Preheat the oven to 375
Taking a knife, carefully cut the potato into thin slices almost down to the bottom, but leaving it intact, to form a pan.
Brush the potato with olive oil, making sure to get some inside of the fans.
Sprinkle with Salt, Pepper, and Garlic.
Bake for about 45 minutes, until the fans separate, the skin is crispy but the inside of the potato is soft, and ready for munching!


September 6, 2012

A Rice Cooker Meal

So I'm currently waiting on my student loans to come in, and we just finished paying rent and a bunch of bills, so it's fairly slim pickings in the money for food department. This means we head back to the staple vegetables: potatoes, onions, carrots, and cabbage. Cheap, delicious, take a little while to go bad. Everything you want in a vegetable when you have a very depleted bank account!

But how to combine them? There is a very easy way to accomplish this. And it involves only 3 items: A small mug, a knife, and a rice cooker.

Here's the sitch:

Easy as Heck Rice Cooker Casserole

1 carrot, chopped up
a chunk of cabbage, chopped up
1 small onion, chopped up
1 chunk off of a sweet potato, peeled and chopped up
Spaghetti Sauce

Take all your chopped up vegetables and chuck them into the rice cooker.
Look at the veg. Yum!
Next, take a mug, and fill it with rice.
I never quite fill it to the top, else I always spill it
Add the rice to the bowl. Next, add 1 mug full of pasta sauce, and 1/2 mug full of water. Stir everything together.
Oooh this looks good!
Turn the rice cooker on, and let it do it's thing.
Sweet Babies!
Then you eat it, and enjoy the fruits of your very cheap labor. Adding things like garlic, regular potatoes, other vegetables, etc, and it'll still work. If you want to add frozen peas (and who wouldn't?) add them in right at the end, else they get all mushy and weird... no good.
nom nom nom!