August 19, 2011

Easy 3 Ingredient Dessert- Peach Mousse

As a disclaimer, this is inspired by the wonderful Chocolate Covered Katie!

There is a scourge on this planet. It's name is Government Student Loans.

It lends students money they need to attend university and pay their tuition, feed themselves, update their computers when they break. All of these things seem quite positive.

However, they word their applications confusingly, so that unless you're in pre-law you're bound to screw up somehow, lengthening the process. They take forever to approve and distribute your loan, so you have to pay your tuition past the date when it's due, giving you the enjoyment of also paying late fees and interest on your tuition. They charge horrific interest rates higher than most credit cards, so you're stuck paying them back practically twice what you borrowed, which has always seemed to be somehow deceitful on the part of the government, as it's taxpayer money that's going into it, so they're double charging the taxpayers of tomorrow.

But the worst insult of all with student loans is that the customer service you receive from them is subpar on a good day, and frustratingly useless on a usual day.

I don't yell at people as a rule, but I have on more than one occasion screamed at a student loan worker, mostly because they have in the past done the following to me: forgotten to check a box stating I was a full time student, and took 600$ out of my bank account (which contained 15$), and never paid back the bounced cheque fee. (they have done this 4 times in the past 6 years. They have denied my loan because they lost a paper I sent them, and denied me a loan because I forgot to initial 1 of the 30 places i had to initial/sign. They once denied my friend a loan because they sent him a form on blue paper, told him to fax it back, and didn't realize that when you fax stuff on blue paper it just faxes a huge black sheet. And then never told him they didn't get the paper.

This is but a smattering of what the average student has to deal with that's not even related to the many difficult assignments and labors that go into actually working on their degree. I have often thought that there must be a much easier way of dealing with this. Perhaps simpler wording on the forms? Lower interest rates? Training your workers to know how student loans work? These sorts of things.

If you can't tell, I've been dealing with student loans today, and now feel like I need to change my name, move to a remote island and be a hermit to deal with the stress of it all!

However, I cannot do that, so instead I made some peach mousse:
Super Easy Peach Mousse for Two
2 Smallish peaches, pits removed (skins fine!)
4 tbsp coconut oil
dash of vanilla

First, place your peaches in a blender, and blend until creamy, adding in the vanilla when they start to blend up nice. 
Next, place the coconut oil into a small saucepan. 
On low heat, stir constantly until the coconut oil is liquefied and clear, with no white bits remaining. 
With the blender running, pour the liquid coconut oil into the peach mixture, blending for a few moments until fully integrated. 
Pour into two bowls, and place in the fridge for 45 mins-1hr, until solidified. 
Then eat, and enjoy the happy! Forget your problems and drift off into the ether of peachy moussey goodness.
You can make this with any fruit, but make sure the fruits aren't frozen or cold! (otherwise the coconut oil will get all chunky and it won't have as nice of a mouthfeel)

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