September 8, 2011

Thursday's Things- Sept 8th

And here we are at another non-food related post, Thursday's things!

Isn't it the cutest dress ever? I want it to wear to a bridal shower, or engagement party or something!

I'm not usually a huge faux leather fan, but this awesome blue bag from matt and nat calls to me! However, It's also very very expensive, so not for me right now!

I feel sorry for the show Dollhouse because it was actually a pretty good show! I was the only one of my friends who liked it, but it was a neat idea which was executed ALMOST perfectly (I think it needed a different main actress, but the poor dear did the best she could.)

To go with the dollhouse theme, this hauntingly beautiful song with a rather depressing video (but very beautiful nonetheless) to go along with it. From what I understand, it was written for the season 1 finale of Dollhouse, where it worked perfectly with what was going on. (I won't tell you what, but it's pretty awesome) 


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  1. That bag is GORGEOUS! I love it! If only I had an unlimited supply of funds to purchase all the purses I want... lol

    I just wanted to let you know also that you are my featured New Blog Find of the week on The Skinny Dip at - it's the first week I'm doing it and yours was the first blog I picked!