September 25, 2011

A yummy Panini

I don't bake bread often.

When you bake gluten free bread, it's more of an event. It's expensive, it can easily fail, and it can be very very frustrating. So I need a really good reason for why I want to make it.

Then I saw This.

Holyyyyy crap! That looked like the most amazing sandwich on the planet of the earth.

So I had to make it.

I made a few changes however, and will list them below!
Tempeh Ruben Style Sandwich
Altered from Olives for Dinner

Alterations made:
I did not use liquid smoke on the tempeh. This was purely accidental, but it tasted good!
Instead of brown sugar, I used maple syrup. I like maple-ey tastes!
I (obv) did not use rye bread (Gluten) and instead used Brown Rice/Sorghum bread, which tasted really good regardless. 
I used Daiya Pepperjack Shreds (a little extra spice!)
And finally, I didn't grill it in a pan, I made it on the panini press. Sandwiches always, for some mysterious reason, taste better after being grilled on a panini press!

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