November 1, 2011

New Feature: Turn the Page Tuesdays

I have to work on tuesdays, so I don't have time to do much cooking, and tend to just snack on stuff (For example, today's sustenance snack is peanut butter on rice crackers for the most part!) In addition, Matthew is super sick, so cooking is pretty much off the table for today.

So I've decided to talk briefly on Tuesdays about what I'm reading/have just read, for a little break from veganism.

I read quite a bit, at least an hour every day (usually more) and tend to consume a wide variety of books.

This week I recently Finished:
I love Terry Pratchett books. In fact I own every Terry Pratchett book published, even the ones written for kids! I think what I love most about Pratchett's work, specifically the books written in the alternate universe known as "The Discworld" (which this book is) is that while on the surface they seem to be rather ridiculous fantasy novels written in a humorous style, they're actually commentaries on society as a whole. This one was about racism, and the tendency of the powerful in society to tread on the weak. It was excellent! However, I would not recommend reading this book as the first Discworld novel you'd digest. There are several different storylines that the series can follow (based around characters) and this one is based upon the character of Samuel Vimes, Commander of the City Watch of Ankh-Morpork, the big metropolis of the series. His storylines are my favorite! Thus, if you wanted to dip the toe into his particular storyline, start with the book "Guards! Guards!" It's also excellent, and it has a dragon in it. Always a recipe for a good read in my opinion!


  1. I too love all things Terry Pratchett, but my favourite story lines are with the witches or death :) Natalia I loves your blog and am excited you want a waffle iron for your wedding... one for the James and Amanda party for sure!

  2. Oh, the Amanda and James Party will be Wafflefull!