February 22, 2012

Why I love my Crock Pot

I had this old clunky crock pot, which I'd bought for 15$ my first year of university. It worked well for the past 6 years, however time had diminished it. It was white, which was one of my first crock-pot buying mistakes, and thus had developed a yellow tinge, and was stained despite my best attempts to keep it clean. The heating elements were a bit shot, it was either not hot enough to heat the contents through, or scalding and wayyyyy too hot.

It was time for a new crock pot. Thus, Matthew and I decided to invest in one, a small two person one, that I could fill with only a few items. We've had it two months, and it's been AWESOME. (Also it's bright green, which makes me cheerful!)

So I decided to make one of Matthew's favorite dishes the other night, a simple Curry. A cheap Curry. A delicious Curry. This curry is not only delicious, filling, and healthy, it's also extremely cheap to make. The whole pot cost us less than 5$, as it uses some of the cheapest vegetables you can buy.

Simple Crock Pot Curry
1/4 cup coconut milk (or creamed coconut meat mixed with water, which is what I used. It comes in a box, and you can use as little or much as you like, and it lasts longer in the fridge, which is nice!)
1 tbsp Cornstarch
Vegetable Broth
3 Tbsp Curry Powder
2 tbsp Ketchup

1 Cup chopped cabbage
1/2 medium onion, diced
1 cup chopped Carrots
2 medium sized potatoes, diced
1 smallish can of corn
1/2 cup frozen peas

In a small bowl, whisk together the coconut milk, ketchup, cornstarch, and curry powder until it is all combined. Set aside.
Turn your crockpot to low if it's the morning and you're gonna let it cook all day, or high if it's the afternoon and you want it in a few hours.
Toss in all the vegs except for the corn and peas. Toss in the coconut milk mixture, and pour in broth until the liquid comes almost to the top of the vegetables (but does not quite submerge them)
Give it a stir to mix everything together, and then leave it alone, mixing it every so often.
About 5-10 minutes before you're ready to eat it, stir in the frozen peas and can of corn, and let them heat through.
I served mine over some brown rice, which works very well, or you can just eat it alone!

Deceptively Fancy! 
Nom  Nom Nom

It was a delight to eat as well :)

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  1. Hey Natalia, what are you thinking of for dinner on the third Saturday of July? :)