June 6, 2012

4 ingredient open faced sammich

Back before I found out that I couldn't eat wheat anymore, and it was hot out, I used to get overheated. When I was overheated, I didn't want to cook, because, HEY! I'm already hot. So I used to make sandwiches, usually peanut butter, or tomato.

I don't do chicken salad, and I wasn't in the mood for peanut butter, but today it was quite hot, and what I wanted was a nice refreshing sandwich. I know, people generally don't refer to sandwiches as refreshing, but when there's lots of crisp, cold veggies, it sure does feel refreshing! So I threw together this:

Bruschetta and Hummus Sandwich

1 plain rice cake
1 large Tbsp hummus (I used carmelized onion hummus, it's awesome!)
1 leaf lettuce (I used boston lettuce, not because it's the best or anything, but because it was on sale and I hate iceberg lettuce)
A few tablespoons of prepared bruschetta

There's only really one direction. Spread the hummus on the rice cake, top with lettuce, top that with bruschetta, eat and enjoy!

This is also super delicious on toast, toasted bagels, and english muffins. :)

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