August 16, 2012

Blogging on the GO- Boozy Edition!

So I'm in New Jersey.

Ocean City New Jersey to be precise. It's a beach town, as one might guess by the name. Unfortunately for me, I'm not really much of a beach person but it's good for relaxation.

Ocean City also happens to be a dry county, but that didn't stop my sister Shanta and I from making these!

Fishing For Swedes Martini

1 shot glass of Pinnacle Gummy Vodka
7 Up
2 swedish fish

Combine the vodka and the seven up. Add the Fish. Drink your worries away!

This makes a pretty good party drink too! I'd put the swedish fish on some toothpicks and eat them out first, they tend to get a little manky when they sit in liquid for a long time!


  1. These are adorable! Summer in a glass. :)

  2. Hahaha these are what you were talking about at the wedding :-) Very interesting...