June 25, 2011


No Food today. Too tired to cook.

In fact I had a few handful of plain chips and a root beer for dinner, that's how bone tired I am.

Why? One might be curious enough to ask.
Candid Shot in  packing mountain!

This disaster you see is our soon to be ex livingroom. About 2/3 of everything we own is there. Tomorrow we pack up the remainder of our stuff, and collect it into this area,  for next week -WE MOVE!!!!!

Matthew is much more versed in moving than I am, for he moved quite a bit as a child. In fact, his facebook status update today was this:
"Coming up next: Matthew's 25th move! Not quite at the one per year mark just yet...I wonder if it would be appropriate to throw a Silver Moving Anniversary Party for myself, in addition to a new apartment warming party?"
I don't know if I'll be energized enough to hold an apartment warming party anytime soon, I haven't moved as much as he has, that's for sure! (This will be my fourth ever official "move" As a child, we lived in the States and Canada, dependent on Season, but we only ever brought clothing and a few toys with us, so it wasn't really moving) This one is the most stressful for me asofar! I have to get rid of a lot of stuff (our new place is half the size of our current one) so I'm pretty anxious about that.

However, our new kitchen is going to be super nice! (Room for an eat in table!) and I'm super excited to show you all pictures of the new place come July (Once I'm settled!)

Who knows, maybe a housewarming party is in the works?

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