June 28, 2011

Moving Update!

Sorry for the incommunicadoitis. My life has become absorbed by moving!

Not only am I moving us, the woman I babysit for hired me to help her move to, so it's been a whirlwind of moving!

Our official date of exodus is on thursday, so if you're in the montreal area and want to help a sista move, let me know!

Our mover cancelled on us, so we had to scramble and found a new mover just now (a whole day and a half in advance!) for twice what we were paying otherwise, but it's going to get done, so what can you do, really?

I'm taking my mother's advice to never let things get you angry, because really, what can you do? Better to stay calm and carry on (as the tshirts say!)

As an aside, check out our diagram of what is packed! Can you tell we're a family of literate cooks? lol!

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