July 3, 2011

Food to return soon!

Hi All,

My goodness, I miss cooking. After a week of not being able to do it my fingers are itching to chop up some veggies and cook em up! But as you can see from what my apartment currently looks like, we've been slightly preoccupied!

For my birthday, Matthew got me some popsicle molds and a rice cooker, so be prepared for some of that awesomeness!

I hope to make something tonight for posting tomorrow, as our new stove gets delivered today! (We have been without a stove, lol) If it gets delivered really late, my post tomorrow might be some popsicles, but I promise that even those will be awesome!

However, I have been successful in completing ONE room in my house! I give you our new bathroom, with it's cute cartoon owl theme! (And a kitty!)

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