August 3, 2011

Happy Watermelon Day!

Tweets informed me this morning that it was watermelon day! I went out and purchased a watermelon, which was on sale! (There were no signs reading "watermelon day!" but I think the fact there was a sale on watermelons too coincidental to ignore)

Fortuitiously, I also posessed a little baggie of frozen papaya (I had stick it in there so it wouldn't go bad, it was super ripe and I didn't feel like eating it yet!) As well as a banana, and a jar of Vega vanilla chai flavored drink mix (which I got for FREE from a nice friend!) so I decided to whip up a delicious smoothie for Matthew and myself when he got off of work!

Watermelon Papaya Banana Smoothie
1 cup chopped up Watermelon
1/2 cup chopped up papaya
1 medium banana, broken into pieces
1 tbsp Vega Vanilla Chai powder (opt!)
Ice (if you use frozen fruit, you might not need ice! If you don't use ice, add in a bit of water to the right consistency!)

Place Fruit in Blender
Feel happy!

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