October 29, 2011

Caramelly Peanutty Apples

Hi! Big things have been happening!

First off, I got my student loan (woot) so I'm all good school wise.

Secondly! I was approved for an electronics loan to get a new computer, and there was some money leftover after I bought the new computer, SO I got to get a new camera! I got a Canon RebelXS EOS, which means that the quality of photography on this little blog should be improving! Woot!

It is crisp and fall-like in Montreal, a bit cold for my tastes, though Matthew is in heaven, as he loves colder weather. I'm a summer gal myself.

And, as the first food thing I've photographed with the new camera, I give you CARAMEL APPLES!
I am not posting a recipe, Because I just halved the recipe from Dog Hill Kitchen, and made the following minor changes: I used vanilla soy milk, and didn't add vanilla, and I made the sugar half brown and half white. That's it!

I sort of suck at making caramel apples, but I tried anyway. I can't get the hand of coating the apples right, which is why of the 8 I made, about 4 looked good, the other ones were dipped when the caramel was cooling rapidly, and thus looked choppy and such, or the caramel was too hot and slid off into the peanuts I was trying to dip them in! or in the case of one of the apples, the caramel kept bubbling so there's like burst bubbles of caramel... it's super weird.

So I picked the best looking couple, and took pictures of them. I'm sure most other people, if trying to show off their caramel apple skills would do the same thing! (Watch me defend myself!)

As for the sticks, nowhere had popsicle sticks (everyone must be making caramel apples!) So I bought a bag of coffee stirrers, and taped a few together using colorful electrical tape, and used them as my sticks. They're working out alright! It's a pretty neat alternative, even if more time consuming than just finding popsicle sticks, which, should I ever attempt this again (Christmas themed ones will probably be happening) I'll get them WELL in advance!

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  1. These look amazinggg! Peanut is one of my favourite flavours!