October 9, 2011

How to Kludge a Pizza

So when you're gluten free and vegan, one of the first things that tends to go is Pizza. Which is sad, for me, because Pizza is awesome!

You can put all sorts of things on it, eat it while walking, share it with friends... It's just delicious. As a child we never had much pizza, so it was always a biiiig treat when we did, usually once in the summer at this one place in Ocean City, NJ, called Mack and Manco's Pizza. Awesome Pizza.

However, even as a child I was never really satisfied, because I had very specific things I liked and didn't like on pizza. I was never a huge meat person, so all I ever wanted were veggies- pineapple, mushrooms and olives to be precise. But we always got pepperoni because I was outvoted. 

But HA! I'm an adult now, I can eat whatever pizza I want! 

I need to apologize about the following photos, they aren't very good, but it was late, I was laughing while I took them, and it was more to get Matthew with our pizza creation, not to get a great pizza shot. 

So! How to kludge a pizza. If you're lucky, like I am, there might be a pizza place in your neighborhood that has gluten free crusts. (I am lucky!) If you aren't gluten free, this still works, and becomes easier because you can just order a normal pizza. Order whatever toppings you want, and then ask for it WITHOUT cheese. 

Next, wait. 

When it arrives, rip open a package of Daiya Mozzarella, OR grate your favorite vegan cheese block, and sprinkle generously on top. 

Then rebake that sucker under the broiler until the cheese is bubbly and slightly browned. 

Remove from oven, and eat. 

Eat good people, and remember the joys of pizza! 

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  1. Ha! I just did something similar last night (though with regular crust since I don't need gluten free). Ordered pizza from a local place and was ready with the Daiya and the broiler as soon as it arrived. Vegan hacks, for the win!