November 3, 2011

Thursday's Things

Wow, I totally dropped the ball on Thursday's Things Eh?

Well it's back! Matthew and I both have the flu so I haven't cooked anything beyond a banana and some rice crackers with peanut butter, so it's not food central here today. But since I'm sick, I've been surfing the net as it's a very low energy consuming activity. What have I found?

First up!
Isn't this dress absolutely adorable? I'd wear the heck out of it!

I don't think that these vegan pumps would go with the dress, but would look quite nice with some black pants!

I like this vegan bag, it looks like it's wearing a halter top! And it's by a Canadian designer to boot! Super Chic!

And Finally, your video of the week:

This video makes me die of laughter. 

Happy Thursday!

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