January 6, 2012

Holiday Roundup- Part 2! Brunch with the Second Family!

A few days after Christmas, we gathered for the annual meetup with my mother's bestfriend/my second mother's family, this year for brunch!
My mom brewed some coffee, and everyone (except me, as I am not big on coffee) drank copiously. 

Barb looking on to the mass amounts of foods. There were lots of non-me food, but I made some GF chocolate chip waffles, and had some potatoes baked with olive oil, garlic, and oregano. Nom nom!

Barb's dog Lily was a big hit with the little kids! 

My niece enjoys some fresh orange slices! I too embibed in the fresh oranges. They were delicious!

Lily the Dog was also a fan with the adult guests at the brunch!

So there was that brunch.... we left the day after to travel down to the states to visit my grandmother! And we also visited a special place in New York City... More information tomorrow!

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