January 7, 2012

Holiday Roundup- We Stop in NYC for something special...

So on the way to visit my grandmother, we made a stop off in the Big Apple!
And by stopoff I mean we drove around vaguely lost for a few hours gawking at things. New York City is pretty cool! Expensive, but cool!

However, while we were there, I did pick up something for myself! The next day when I woke up in Jersey, I had these to tide me over:
That's right! I went to Babycakes!

Here's my review: The shop is cute, but tiny, however the people working there are super nice! I asked for 6 random gluten free cupcakes, and it came to 28$. This is pretty expensive, but frankly, about what you'd pay for a regular cupcake in a fancy cupcake store. 

I have no idea exactly what flavors I got, but I'll estimate. There was a minty chocolate one that was frankly, delicious in taste. The carrot one was also really good, as was the lemon one. The other ones didn't really stick out for me, but all of the cupcakes tasted pretty good!

The icing was the real winner for me. It was divine! DIVINE! I actually pulled the icing right off the top of the cupcake and ate the cake, and then the icing separately. This was really simple to do as you have to keep them refrigerated. (Since the icing is made with coconut oil, if it's left out in the warm it'll melt!)

The cake itself was a bit dense for my tastes, but still tasted pretty good. It was a bit crumbly, but not as much as I've seen, so probably mid-high in density quality. It tasted really good though!

So the cupcakes were delicious, even my skeptical mother thought so!

So, if you're ever in NYC, I recommend a quick stopoff at Babycakes to pick up one of their cupcakes. I thought they were really good!

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