March 30, 2012

Old Food- Peach Raspberry Cherry Pie

I was recently going through some old pictures I found on a portable harddrive, and came across some delicious looking food from 2 years ago. And I came across this gem of a photo:

Ignore the man in the Sundowner shirt for now, and focus on my Reebok sporting friend Pak Kei, who is holding what appears to be a raspberry peach cherry pie.  Matthew informs me we were having a dinner party in the summer that consisted of only eating pies, and these were my contributions.

But think about that pie description for a second. Raspberry Peach Cherry Pie. How divine does that sound? Here's a closeup:
One of the raspberries appears to be still frozen, so I think that it was pre-baking. Here's how I imagine it went down:

Peach Raspberry Cherry Pie
1 Pie crust of your choice
some frozen peaches
Frozen raspberries
1 can of cherry pie filling
A bit of sugar (if it's not sweet enough)

Preheat oven to 350
Take some whole raspberries and peaches, and pull out a few of the cherries, and set aside for some decorative fun.
Take the remaining pie filling, some peaches, and some raspberries, and chuck it all in the food processor, processing until it's smoothish, but still has chunks. Taste. If it's not sweet enough, add a bit of sugar.
Roll our your pie crust and stick it in a pan. Add in the pie filling. Make a decorative pattern on top.
Bake your pie until bubbly and crust is browned. It'll look like this:

Nom nom nom! I think I need to remake this soon! :) Also, how awesome was our painting in our old kitchen? When we move in July to our new place we def needs to do more funky painting!

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