April 10, 2012

My Easter Weekend, Part 1- The Bridal Shower

So this weekend was a pretty exciting one, as I was given a SUPER GREAT bridal shower by my sister.

It began with me arriving the night before with my friend Andrea and Matthew, and seeing some of these decorations:

Pretty cute eh? Those little lanterns were so adorable! She even got the tablecloth you see in the first one to match them! It was very very pretty (I have a great sister!)
Next, she plunked this down in front of me:
Apparently, she stopped at David's Tea on the way to get some iced tea, and they asked why she was dressed so fancy. She replied that she was going to her little sister's bridal shower, and they gave her a bag of this tea to give me FOR FREE. David's Tea is great! (even if they hadn't given me free tea, they have all sorts of great teas!)
So moving on, Krista pulled out all sorts of delicious foodstuffs, including, of course, different types of hummus.
And then my other sister Jolene brought some DIVINE gluten free vegan cupcakes (remind me to get the recipe!) They were awesome.
Look at that thing? I totally had about five of them!
Krista also made some delicious pink lemonade, and my friend Andrea cut up a billion lemon slices to go in it, and it looked super super pretty!
Everything seemed to coordinate beautifully (even my top, which was a total accident, haha)
So tonnes of wonderful people came, and I got lots of wonderful presents, including cookbooks from my childhood friend Meaghan:
I'm pretty excited to try some of these recipes, especially the ones in the gluten free vegan comfort food, which have some of the most fabulous looking recipes for semi junk food that I've ever seen, and as you can see by that little roll in that photo, I love me my comfort food :)
Also, check out these adorable salt and pepper shakers! They're kissing!
The bridal shower was wonderful, and my sister did an AMAZING job! I have the best family and friends, and am incredibly lucky!

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