May 31, 2012

More Sushi... I'm An Addict

I'm addicted to my own sushi.

I know it's probably not the most modest to say that you have an addiction to your own food, but I have to be honest, I make pretty delicious sushi, and I love eating it almost more than anything else I make (With one exception!)

So You might get stuck with various sushi rolls of mine, as I experiment with new flavors. Todays?

Mango Pepper Avocado Roll

Cooked Sushi Rice
An Avocado
A Mango
Some yellow and green Pepper slices
Black Sesame seeds
 A Sheet of nori

Spread the sushi rice over the nori... you know the drill.
Cut up some of the mango into slices, some of the avocado into slices, and the pepper slices. Sprinkle on some black sesame seeds.
Roll er up, and slice.
Using a vegetable peeler, peel a slice of mango, and a slice of avocado to go on top of each roll.
Enjoy your fanciness! 

I think this roll would also work out well with some carrot in the center if you need a bit more crunch to it, and possibly some bamboo shoots, or even different slices of pepper. If you put in a green, red, and yellow pepper slices, you'd have a veritable rainbow of peppery goodness! I just happened to have only a yellow pepper and a green pepper, so here we are. My mango was also pre-cut, so i had to slice it thin with a knife, but it would have looked nicer peeled thinner!

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  1. oh wow...theses sushis look so delicious. Colorful little rolls. I am a big sushi addict too... how can we not?