May 22, 2012

Simple Sushi

It's no secret to those that know me that I enjoy eating fancy. I will add garnishes to my foods when I'm sitting alone at home by myself. I always wipe around the edges of my dishes so that there's no spatters before I eat.

It's a little bit of a sickness.

But one of the things I love to eat that makes me feel fanciest of all is Sushi.

When I started trying to make sushi rolls, I was hopelessly terrible. They were loose and fell apart, they had too much rice, or too little rice, they didn't roll right, the fillings fell out... It was very sad. But this was about 6 years ago, and since then I've practiced... not constantly, but at least once a month I'll make a sushi roll, so I like to think I've gotten better.

But the most important thing I've learned is one key thing: Always use the right rice.

Do not use Uncle Bens, minute rice, or anything like that. You need a nice, short grain, sticky rice. (I use Calrose Rice, and you can get that, and rice labled "sushi rice" at most grocery stores) If you have the wrong rice you're doomed for pointlessness.

You can also use Brown rice, for health reasons, but trust me when I say that it won't seal up as well, because it's not sticky.

But, without further ado, today's random roll!

Carrot and BBQ tofu Roll
(Makes 1 roll)
1/2 cup dry sushi rice
3/4 cup water
1 tsp seasoned rice vinegar
1 sheet of nori
black sesame seeds (optional)

1 carrot, peeled into strips
a few slices of tofu, enough to cover the length of a sheet of Nori.
1 tbsp Asian BBQ Sauce (I use San-J Brand. This also tastes great with Teriyaki sauce)

Put your rice and your water in a rice cooker. Cook. When it is done, transfer the rice to a bowl. (If there are any stuck on bits at the bottom of the rice cooker, do NOT transfer those! Just the loose rice)
Using a rice paddle or wooden spoon, add in the rice vinegar, and stir around, flipping the rice over and over to both cool the rice, and mix in the seasonings.
Spread the rice over your nori in a thin, even layer. (I use the paddle, but if you want to use your fingers remember to keep your hands wet, so they don't stick.
Sprinkle the rice with some black sesame seeds if you want to.
In a microwave safe bowl, mix the tofu and Sauce so the tofu is covered. Stick in the microwave for 30-45 seconds.
While that's microwaving, lay down a few strips of carrot on one end of the nori. Add the tofu once it's done, and then roll it up! If you aren't sure how to roll sushi, Here is a good illustrated step by step.
Cut into 5 pieces with a sharp knife. Keep in mind that after every cut, you should run a wet cloth along the edge of the knife so it doesn't stick to the rice!
Then, enjoy with some tamari, or more BBQ sauce as a dip if you are big into BBQ. Or just eat without sauce, the choice is yours!

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  1. These look really good! BTW, they sell short grain brown rice which, when cooked, is very sticky.