July 26, 2012

Mia Culpa

I know! I've been away for like... 3 weeks!

But I swear, I had a good reason! This summer has been craaaazzzyyyy!!!

My Reason?

I had a wedding :) Here are some pictures for you fine people... and as a warning, it was themed!

Terra the "best Man", Matthew, Me, and Robert, the "Maid of Honor"

The Bridal Party

Now Kiss!

With my Mum and My MomMom 

Yay! Married!

My brother Pete came as Darth Maul!

Fooling Around with Lightsabers

Our first dance was to "Geeks in Love" By Lemon Demon

My Mum and the sisters I grew up with (my other siblings were grown up when I got there!)

My sister Krista and my Neice Zoe dancing it up!

Dance Dance Dance

The Girl in the cute hat and the red shirt made all the jedi costumes!

Me and my old music partner Mike

My Brother and My boss, dancin!

My brother Pete Put on a fireworks show!
Regularly Scheduled Recipes to Resume Soon!

As an exciting note, Matthew has decided to convert to veganism now that we're married! Yay for Matthew!

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  1. Most excellent! Thanks for sharing! I love themed weddings and I definately love Star Wars! It looked like it was awesome!